Olivia Hoff
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June 27, 1989 ~Say hello to Olivia Corinne Hoff~

On this day my beautiful baby girl Olivia was born.

Olivia Corinne Hoff, my wonderful, precious child. I love you more than words can say. 



Olivia is going to Kindergarten

Olivia started kindergarten in 1994.  She was so excited to ride the bus. I remember getting her ready for the big day. We rode the bus to school together and I walked home.



One, of many Christmas Holidays
One of our family Christmas get togethers at our favorite mexican restaurant Mexicali.  Olivia is posing with her cousin Louis. He couldn't pronounce Olivia so he would call her "Lea". She would get so mad and tell him that wasn't her name.  He still remembers this too
One of many trips to Disneyland
Our trip to Disneyland.  Posing with Minnie Mouse and big brother Manuel.
Entering Middle School, Cheerleading begins
Olivia's growing up she's now attending Rosedale Middle School. I am so proud of her. She became a cheerleader and was involved in basketball.  She was very competitive.
Cheerleading Competition 1997
Olivia's cheer competition she was so nervous; but she was awesome. Here she is posing with her sister Chrissy and brother Paul. 
Junior High Graduation Day

Graduation day!!  I'm so proud of you Olivia.


Posing with best friends Kristin Clifford and Kirstie Aguilera. 

Olivia having fun, as always
 I remember this outfit.  She wanted to wear this to my birthday dinner. I told her "NO"..her response was "Mom this is me this is who I am"..Now that I look back she looked cute.
Olivia's 14th Birthday
Olivia celebrates her 14th birthday. This would be the last birthday we celebrate together.
Olivia and brother Manuel, love this picture
Olivia would always go into Manuel's bedroom and play with this Nintendo games. He would get mad and tell her to get out of his room.  As they got older they grew closer. This is a good picture showing the love between a Big Brother and His Little Sister.
Olivia with sister Chrissy and Nelson
Love this picture of Olivia with her sister Chrissy and Nelson Chrissy's boyfriend.
April 22, 2004 ~Olivia becomes my Angel~

April 22, 2004, Olivia was taken off life support and became my Angel in Heaven.

My daughter was an organ donor.  On April 27, 2004, a 4-month old girl in Maryland was the recipient of Olivia's right cornea and a 29-year old man in Texas received the left cornea.

Olivia's heart valves were normal.  Her heart valves were implanted into a 2-year old boy August, 2004.

Olivia's gift gave three people a chance at a better life.

“Some people only dream of angels but I’ve held an angel, Olivia, in my arms.”






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