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Loving Heart  / Elaine Suarez (Friend)  Read >>
Loving Heart  / Elaine Suarez (Friend)
Corinne, you give me HOPE in my heart.♥️ Everything you have done to honor Olivia’s life is so amazing. I know she is proud of her beautiful Momma. Close
Same experiance  / Maziar Mohiti (Nothing)  Read >>
Same experiance  / Maziar Mohiti (Nothing)
First of all please accept my sympathy for passing your daughter. I read Olivia's story and I undersatand your feeling because my story is also similar to you. I lost my beloved young 24 years old wife on April 16, 2016 due to sudden cardiac arrest. Her name was Nadia and she was a happy and beautiful girl. We got married just one year and two months ago. Her death was a great shock because she died in my arms at home when we were having dinner, I wad paniced and I couldn't give her CPR in those critical first few minutes. When the ambulance arrived she had no vital symptoms. I feel a lot of pain because of her death also I have lost all my life and hopes. Similar to Olivia, Nadia looked healthy, just her body was hot in the last week without any reason and she had not any pain. I remember one time she said "my heart is prickling" and in the morning of that day after having a heavy breakfast together, she was complaining of heart prickle again. I just told her that she was going to see a doctor but she should went to the university and we decided to see doctor next day. After passing my pretty wife, I was upset for many days and blame myself why did not take her to see a doctor to check her heart. This is unbelievable and as you mentioned nothing could make our pain fade or disappear. Close
Wanted to add...  / Faith Bullock   Read >>
Wanted to add...  / Faith Bullock
I wanted to add that it's amazing what you have done in Olivia's name to help others and to keep Olivia's memory alive. It is my DREAM to do something like this for Bailee! I feel like I should have already been doing things though in the last 18 months but although I have great ideas I have no physical energy to do anything. Not having a real reason why Bailee is not here is very exhausting. I would love to hear how you have come this fad and any suggestions you might have for me so that I can do for Bailee what you have done for Olivia. Close
Too beautiful for earth  / Faith Bullock   Read >>
Too beautiful for earth  / Faith Bullock
I do not know you or your beautiful Olivia but I came across your her story and I had to stop and comment. I wish I would have read this 18 months ago, but like you I had no idea this existed or could happen 18 months ago. My 15 year old daughter Bailee died April 2nd, 2014, the day after Easter. She was at her best friends houss when she started complaining of bad backache and was having a hard time breathing. Bailee has ashma so she just used a nebulozer and thought she was okay. She took a shower to try to feel better and when she got out I guess she went Into cardiac arrest. I got the phone call from an emt at 5:11am and was told to meet them at Chdrens Hospital of Wisconsin. When I got there she was gone. They could not save her, and they also could not tell me why she died. After 5 long months I was told her cause of death is "unknown". She could have had an arrythmia but we will never know for sure. The hardest thing is like Olivia Bailee complained of chest pain and again and again we went to the er, to the cardiologist and were told she was fine she was having some anxiety!! It is crazy reading Olivia's symptoms in the weeks before she died because Bailee felt the same way and I have never read of anyone having the feelings Bay was having. A few weeks before she died her headaches started getting worse and she was complaining of her left arm feeling "heavy". One night we were sitting on the couch and her little left hand had this like seizure? Her fingers went straight and almost backwards for just a few seconds and she said "that was weird" and that was it, just shook it off. I had taken her to the doctor so many times to be told she was fine I just stopped taking her about 6 months before she died was her last er visit and last EKG I will always feel a little guilty for not taking her at all in those 6 months. It's hard because her friends and her friends mom witnessed Bailee go into cardiac arrest and the could have possibly saved her but they had no idea what was happening. They could have given her CPR in those critical first few minutes but they didn't know. They waited too long to call 911 and when they did they reported a 15 year old having a seizure so 911 operator did not tell then to do CPR. EMTs were there within 4 minutes wheh they were finly called and they tried for a very long time but it was too late. I want somehow to educate everyone about Sudden Cardiac Drath and how it's not just in athletes or at school so when I saw your daughters story I had to comment. Close
A beautiful girl  / Veronica Murillo Gonzales (former babysitter )  Read >>
A beautiful girl  / Veronica Murillo Gonzales (former babysitter )
I had the great pleasure of baby sitting Olivia with her best friend Kirstie when they were in the fifth grade. You always wonder what happens to the kids you baby sit and I was shocked while watching the news tonight when I saw the story of Olivia and her mother Corinne. Olivia was a wonderful child. Always so helpful and caring. A vibrant girl who lit up the room with her smile. Although I knew her only briefly, the memories of her, Kirstie and Alex have always stayed with me. To Corinne- You are a brave women and I applaud your efforts to have the schools install AED machines. May God bless you and your family. Close
A voice for other  / Sherry Frith (Friend of Mother )  Read >>
A voice for other  / Sherry Frith (Friend of Mother )


  I know that not a second minute hour day month or year will ever pass with out the pain and anguish you feel for the loss of Olivia.  I will never be able to make that pain fade or disappear.  I can offer you a ear to listen a tissue for your tears a shoulder to lean on and a voice to help people understand the importance of screening.  If I have air in this body I will continue your quest you started. 



I Love You  / Corinne Ruiz (Mom)  Read >>
I Love You  / Corinne Ruiz (Mom)

Olivia I will never let you be forgotten. I love and miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and want to hold you.

You are my strength to go on and share your story.  You will continue to live on.

All my love Mom.

REMEMBER / Donna Good (Friend to Corinne )  Read >>
REMEMBER / Donna Good (Friend to Corinne )


Don't cry because you miss me I'm always in your heart.

Live your life and finish what you start.

I'll be with you always each and every day.

Memories last a lifetime no one can take them away.

Remember me for who I am not who I used to be.

I haven't left you I'm living in Eternity.

(c) Donna Good-Joey's Poem